Game Your Way to Free

We all play games all year long… why not get points for playing? Weather the Storm is IndyStorm’s way to give back to its wonderful community and also help promote unplugged gaming. Each Summer and Winter Season, the top earners will get cool prizes as well as special recognition at the next IndyStorm Convention! 

Each Season

1st Place: A free badge and tickets for all your activities at IndyStorm 2021!

2nd – 5th Place: A free badge to IndyStorm 2021!

Full Year Top Earner

The player who earns the most points over the course of the year gets a free hotel room for IndyStorm 2021!

Full Year Top 10

Exclusive bragging rights and access to a private thank you event.

The Summer Season is Active Now and runs until September 30th 2020. Winter Season starts October 1st 2020 and runs until January 31st, 2021.

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How to Earn Points

You can earn points by simply playing a game with the family, picking up a new game from our wonderful LGSs. If you really want to flex those gaming muscles, try making your own game or playtesting one made by the community

We also have a series of events so that you can game with us, even from home!

In general, most points are earned by posting pictures on social media. The goal is to help grow the local community and get more people playing games around a table (at a socially acceptable distance, of course).

IMPORTANT: We need to be tagged in social media posts. Use @indystormcon for facebook and #Indystorm for others! This lets us track what is going on and actually get you points!

Getting Your First Points

Signing up get’s you 25 points right out of the gate. Sharing this page (by pressing the button) get’s you a cool 10 more! [gamipress_social_share]

Points Catalog

General Gaming

  • 5pts Do something gaming related! (once per day)
  • 40pts Fully paint a model! (Needs to be an honest effort, not just dip and go!)
  • 20pts Share your best house rules for your favorite game. We’ll put our favorites here!
  • 10pts Play a game using someone else’s house rules! make sure to give them credit!

Supporting Local

  • 100pts Buy a game or models from our partner LGS. Post a selfie of you in the store getting your new gear!
  • 40pts – Buy something on-line from one of our vendors. Take a picture with your new Loot once it comes in the mail. Please don’t be posting your receipts or other payment information online!
  • 40pts Play a community developed game and give insightful feedback!

Creating a Game

Send your game to

  • 150pts – Create your own game! The game should be ready for a moderate level of play testing and also be able to be constructed from typical at home materials. Send us the rules and downloads and we’ll post it here and let everyone know. 
  • 10pts – Each time someone plays and shares about a game you have made!

Our Favorites

  • 20pts – We’ll run weekly contests or otherwise pick out and highlight our favorite Weather the Storm post from the week. 
  • 50pts – Each weekly winning post is put into the running for the Post of the Season. 

Further, We have final say in the point totals, who gets points for what, and what posts qualify for what point totals. We also have the final say in anything else related to Weather the Storm and IndyStorm in general.

As a final note, this program is may be updated, but we will let you know what upgrades occur.


Since prizes are non transferable, it would not make sense to be awarded a free badge more than once. However, we are making a special award for those that place top 5 more than once.

If you place top 5 in both seasons, your 2nd free badge will go to the next person in line. 

Of Course! Since TOs get in free already, they are out of the running for all the awards listed above. HOWEVER, we will be making awesome awards for the top placing TOs!

Email us at We’d love to hear from you!

Social Media points will be updated on Sunday night. Creating your account or clicking this button offer instant automated gratification!


Yes! Whether it is something like Roll20, Jigoku, or Vassal, just post a selfie with your game and you are good to go!