Vendors and Sponsors

A Note to Vendors

We are releasing vendor applications by the end of September. However, please see the below:


We are excited to have a much larger space for 2023, but we are limited in the number of vendor spaces as majority of our space is dedicated to gaming.

Vendor Applications come on a first come first serve basis, though we do hold priority to vendors who have participated in prior conventions.

Vendors can opt to put a down payment on their space at the end of the convention for the following year and reserve the 2023 pricing for their space. We encourage vendors to offer prize support in trade for their spaces because it enhances our attendees experience.

We are here for the players, not for a vendor hall. This makes Indystorm a unique experience for its players because everyone is there to game, and you have a captive clear audience.

Not all vendors and sponsors are approved, if approval is denied we will provide the reason why. When filling out a Vendor or Sponsor contract you are acknowledging that you have read the Vendor Terms of Agreement.