The Crosswinds Tavern

About the Tavern

Open Thursdays 7pm EST until close, the Crosswinds Tavern is a place many stumble into. As you walk through a metal door marked only by a carved image of a compass, you enter a tavern of considerable size. Tables are spread out among the space along with booths lining the wall, providing ample room to sit. Trophies adorn the walls of the building. They are a range of monsters, from an owlbear to a tyranid. A bar stand at the far end of the room. Behind it, the wall is filled entirely with bottles of liquid; some familiar, some not. Looking out the window reveals that the tavern is set upon a disconnected piece of land floating aimlessly through space.

The Crosswinds Tavern is place between planes of existence with a door that is multiple places all at once. It welcomes any weary traveler; be they from D&D, the Iron Kingdoms, or even that 41st millennium. The Tavern is just a chill place for people to roleplay without having to commit a story or anything like that.

See here for a link to the Discord. There is a text chat for posting an introduction to your character (so that you do not need to repeat it all the time) as well as the voice chat of the Tavern. 

Your Bartender

Billiam Gorgonspear is a man of average height, about 6’2″. He is human with tanned skin that bear the wrinkles of a life well lived. He wears an olive green overcoat over a white shirt, fastened by a large belt strapped along his chest. His brown hair is cut short, except for a long beard that ends in two braids. His left hand is made entirely out of blue crystal, though it moves just as well as a normal hand.  His left eye has been covered by an eyepatch with a cybernetic eye that seems to dart around randomly. As he notices you enter his grin grows wide and he gives you a hearty wave.

Weather the Storm Points

Please make sure to PM the Bar Tender your email address of your Weather the Storm account. Also, feel free to post about it for an extra 5 points!