Terms and Conditions of Event and Hobby Seminar Hosting:

Below are the terms and conditions for Tournament Organizers, Hobby Seminar Teachers and Roleplay Events and Room Arrangements. Each has a different set of agreements and it is asked that you acknowledge these in each form. When you fill out and event form you are acknowledging that you agree to these terms.

Tournament Organizer and Hobby Seminar Submission Guidelines.

At Indystorm our goal is to make gaming accessible to everyone.  This means the operation of competitive events and social events.  As a tournament organizer or Hobby Seminar Expert we ask that you have a clear vision of what you need to make your experience great.  Without you Indystorm does not exist and we recognize your value.  We offer our Tournament Organizers and Hobby exclusive swag material, one meal Friday and Saturday, and an invitation to our TO celebration.  Without TO’s there is no gaming community.

Here are a few rules that we ask to be followed in events at Indystorm.  We do not want any of these rules to discourage anyone from participating in Indystorm so if you need assistance, let us know.  The last day to submit events is August 31st at 11:59pm EST.  Any event submitted after that may miss any Indystorm Promotional Deadlines.

  1.  Event Size: Do not set your event for more that you can handle.  Events over 16 tables can have a TO and a TO’s assistant.  A TO and a TO assistant cannot participate in the event.  The TO assistant may play in order to avoid a Bi-Round. Events over 32 tables can Have a TO, and 2 Assistants, for additional 16 tables you may have 1 assistant.
    1. A TO Assistant only receives an additional swag bag.
    2. A TO assistant is not required but highly encouraged for your sanity.
    3. TO’s are required to schedule at least 1 15-30 minute break for rest and meals per 8 hour event.
  2. Terrain: We ask that all terrain be painted.  Indystorm Allows 3d printed terrain, but it must be painted.  If your event is formally sponsored by your games manufacturer we ask that you adhere to their Tournament rules.
    1. If you do not have painted terrain we will assist, but need to know how many tables of terrain you need by August 1st, 2022 in order to allow us time to procure your terrain.
  3. Player Safety: Indystorm operates based on Marion County Indiana Guidelines.  Any Fire, Health or other safety concerns are in accordance with Marion County Indiana Statutes.  We cannot be flexible in this rule.
  4. Event Ticketing:  If you wish to be paid for your event, please include that in your recommended cost breakdown.  Remember that your event price is a suggested event price.  If you are expecting to be compensated please include that information.  In order to keep Indystorm operating we have a price per square foot, larger games have a larger cost per square foot, and that will be added to your price. A 6×4 competitive table IndyStorm Charges 12$ per table on top of your fees.  This is the max that could be added to your ticket beyond a Room Agreement.  This is subject to change depending on events accepted, but will never be more than 12$ per table depending on size. Casual Events are set at a flat 4$. A true cost per event will be set after submission closes on August 31st. And provided to you by Sept 7th before ticket sales go live.
    1. All ticket pricing will be submitted to the TO before posted and approved with an adequate breakdown.  
    2. In the event you make more than 600$ Indystorm will not supply you with a 1099 form.  IndyStorm will only supply you with a receipt of payment. TO’s are not employees of IndyStorm.
    3. Casual events priced over 15$ usually see poor turnout unless the prize support is amazing.
    4. Competitive Events are suggested to be 20-50$ 
  5. Prize Support:  IndyStorm can provide prize support for your event.  We ask that TO’s please do not use their own cash to pay for prize support.  Let us know what kind of prize support you usually offer and we can work out an agreement.
  6. Player Conduct:  If there are issues with player conduct, please contact your assigned Indystorm team member.  They will come to immediately assist.  Do not engage with poor conduct.  Inform the player you have contacted your Indystorm representative and we can handle their grievances.  If the misconduct is due to a judge ruling please inform us beforehand so we can be prepared to support your decision as a TO.
  7. Canceling Events Due to Low Player Count: We do not cancel events due to low player count.  In this scenario Indystorm 1 month out will transfer the event in a “learn to play” scenario and Indystorm Staff will assist the TO with players and teach new players to play.  We will offer a rental army system to help encourage more to join.  In the event a Learn To Play is not a successful outcome we will offer a refund to players and do a casual event and still offer basic IndyStorm Prize Support.  Due to players who travel we strongly discourage cancellation.
  8. Canceling due to acts of nature:  There are some things we cannot control, due to substantial life changes or catastrophic events. Indystorm will find a TO to replace you or offer refunds for the events. 
  9. Ticketing:  As of now Paper Tickets will be issued.  All TO’s will be provided a player list 24 hours prior to their event, after the 24 hours they will be provided with email or text updates based on the TO preference.
  10. Software:  We encourage the use of Longshanks, TTO, and other systems for rounds and pairings.  The TO tells us which system they would like to use.  We can set up your event or you can.  We ask the TO to provide us the feedback that lets you provide you the best experience.
  11. In the event of Bi-Rounds:  Our goal is to not have bi-rounds, in the event you have an odd number of players an Indystorm Representative will do our best to find you another player.
  12. In the case of event denial:  If Indystorm Denies your event you will be provided with feedback as to why your event was denied.  If you are willing to make the changes requested then you can resubmit your event request.
  13.  Lodging: If a TO is able to host 50 or more players they are eligible for 1 room for Friday and Saturday night.  A TO may achieve 50 players through multiple events to a minimum of 1 event.  When determining the price for your event this will be accounted for.  A minimum of 50 players automatically adds 6$ to your event ticket costs. 
    1. If the minimum player count is not met, the TO agrees to split the difference of the room cost with Indystorm.  
    2. If the TO cancels their event they are responsible for the room cancellation fees.
    3. TO’s are responsible for the room deposits upon check in and are liable for all room damages, phone calls or external costs that go beyond the room, taxes and fees.
    4. Indystorm will provide an approved room request with a commitment contract to be signed after event approval.  Contracts need to be signed no later than Sept 30th 2022.

Indystorm reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time.  In lieu of the guidelines being changed all approved TO’s will be notified.