Roleplay Terms and Conditions

Submitting an event:

  • Please Fill out the Roleplay Event Submission Form. This form will help us place and advertise your event.
  • DM’s Receive a free weekend pass, access to the TO and DM appreciation night, break lounge, board game library, IndyStorm Official DM swag and t-shirt along with 1 meal for the days you are hosting an event.  Any Tournament Play outside of your event must be paid for.
  • All events held in a public space must be public friendly.
  • Payment:  When filling out the Roleplay Submission Form if you wish to be paid that must be included in the bottom line.  Most come to DM to promote their Social Media or Hobby Businesses, and we strongly encourage this.
  • Note on being paid:  IndyStorm will evaluate your request for payment, if we need more information we hold the right to ask for it.  In the event if you make over 600$ IndyStorm will not provide you with a 1099 as you are not an employee of Indystorm.  We will only provide you with a receipt of payment for services rendered for your tax purposes.
  • IndyStorm Provides Payment at the time of check out from the event  via electronic payment of PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or CashApp when your event concludes. Please have one of these accounts set up before your IndyStorm Event.
  • Health and Safety:  IndyStorm will follow Marion County Indiana Guidelines when it comes to fire, health and other safety guidelines.  

  • Due to the constantly changing nature of enrollment and safety guidelines, you will be provided with your event location when you check in at Indystorm.

  • Note, events that are inappropriate for adults under 18 should be clearly noted in the submission phase so IndyStorm can appropriately advertise

  • Indystorm also reserves the right to end any roleplay that they feel is inappropriate for a public venue.

  • IndyStorm reserves the right to reject an event they deem inappropriate for a public venue.

  • Events with sexual theme and excess gore are not condoned by IndyStorm.  We understand that you cannot control  your players.  If you find a player is making you or your party uncomfortable please contact your IndyStorm assigned representative with the situation and we will support you and your party and handle the player.

  • IndyStorm will accept TTRPG event applications until Oct 15th 2023.  Any submission after October 15th will miss the proper promotional guidelines and you will need to help promote your event, as IndyStorm cannot guarantee proper promotional materials will be made to fill your event.


We are allowing cosplay this year, as we want everyone to have fun and it to be an immersive experience for our players.  But cosplay is not a requirement.  We are also formulating a dress code for cosplay as we do wish for our event to stay youth friendly.  There will be Cosplay Guidelines for those who enroll in events as IndyStorm recognized that elaborate costumes are a danger to the game board.  

The Brickyard Tavern

  • The Brickyard will be our bar and roleplay Tavern. 
  • Submitting an event does not guarantee you will be in the Brickyard.  Brickyard Space is limited but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.
  • Alcohol will be served in the Brickyard, if you do not wish to be in the Brickyard, make sure you mark as such on your submission form.
  • The Brickyard will become a 21+ Venue after 9:00pm  All games with minors must conclude at 8pm.