Event and Seminar Hosting

Without Tournament Operators, Casual Game Coordinators, and Hobbyist who are willing to teach their craft IndyStorm would not exist. We support those who have the same goal as us. “Make Gaming Accessible.”

In order for us to provide you with the best experience possible please fill out these forms. They will help us tailor your event so that you and your players have a good time. Room assistance is available with some requirements. The most important requirement is that you host 50 people. You can achieve 50 people through multiple events. We offer a quick breakfast and have an appreciation meal for all of those who participate in IndyStorm, as well as an official swag bag for those who run events. Before signing up for an event we ask that you read the terms and conditions of hosting with IndyStorm. At the bottom of each form it will ask you to verify you have read the Event Hosting Terms and Conditions.  If you have further questions you may email info@indystorm.net