DND TTRPG and Roleplay Hosting

IndyStorm is happy to announce the opening of the Brickyard Roleplay Tavern

With the success of IndyStorm 2020 we brought on our newest partner Michael.  He inspired us to bring in the roleplay aspect to IndyStorm.  While we started as just a miniature gaming convention he brought to our attention that Roleplayers use miniatures too.  So for 2023 we are happy to introduce the Brickyard Roleplay Tavern!  An immersive roleplay experience we are bringing to you in effort to make gaming accessible to everyone!  If you wish to host a campaign please read the Roleplay Terms and Conditions.  If you agree to these terms you may begin to fill out our Roleplay Submission Form.  With out Tournament Operators and Dungeon/Game Masters IndyStorm could not be the successful event circuit it has been since 2020.  We are extremely excited to host you and if you have any questions please reach out to Info@indystorm.net